• Record Release Party!

    Experience Feelings is now available everywhere!  Come celebrate with us tomorrow night at Chop Suey!

     Friday April 4 2014

    Constant Lovers



    @ Chop Suey Seattle, WA

    21+ $8 9pm

  • Please Come To Our Listening Party Tonight!

    Tendai Maraire is Djing our party tonight!  This is the event of the year! 

    The party is at Floor 13  

     In the Prudential Building 114 Alaskan Way S suite 301. Between Yesler and Washington 9:00PM

    Our new record Experience Feelings will be for sale and the world famous Kerry Zettel will be bartending!  

  • Entertainment

    More tasty bites from Good to Die label mates.  Here's Gaytheist from PDX. 

    We've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our sophomore record titled "Experience Feelings".  We recorded with Matt Bayles in July and mastered last week with Ed Brooks.  We couldn't be happier with the results.  It goes to print soon and will be released March 18th.  Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks. 

  • Monogamy Party Tweets!

    Here's a rad video from our Good to Die label mates Monogamy Party.  Their latest record "False Dancers" was recently released and it sounds killer.  These dudes are all up on that Twitter thing. Check it out!

  • Free Rock Show Tomorrow!

    Dec. 29th 2012, @ Vermillion Bar/ Art Gallery.  

    w/ MTNS, Pony Time, and Wasted USA

    Show starts at 9 I think.

    I'll try to keep up with this blog thingy.  Promise.

    Here's a link to our youtube channel where you'll find videos of us playing live, and some other silly shit that we've made. 

    2013 is gonna kick ass.  Thanks for visiting.



  • We refuse to give up!

    We play Chop Suey Oct. 18th with our friends Absolute Monarchs and Gaytheist.  Please come show your support and check out the new shredder on drums.

  • Things are happening in Seattle, and with Constant Lovers....

    One thing being, we are on a free compilation put together by Myke Pelly from Haunted Horses/ Footwork.  For a free digital down load go here! 

    Perpetual Ritual is on this comp.  Seriously check this shit out because Seattle is making serious moves right now.


  • Kerry wins!

    Huge thanks to Kerry for having us play the Cha Cha again this year for the Capitol Hill Block Party.  As always he puts together a bill of local bands which, (in my humble opinion) will slay just about any act on any of the other stages.  I wasn't able to make it down there today, but some of my highlights for Friday and Saturday were seeing Crypts, Blood Red Dancers (last show ever), Helms Alee, Pony Time, and Spaceneedles.  Sadly I missed Absolute Monarchs (who graduated to the main stage this year), Silly Goose, Trash Fire, Mass Game, Slow Dance, Haunted Horses, Lesbian, Mama Utah and a few others due to hunger/fatigue/bladder issues and family hang outs (I love my dad and sis).  Here's a video of Hair Vest getting weird a couple years ago.

  • On the blog train again!

    My apologies for the huge hiatus.  During my gross blog neglection we have been doing lots of fun things.  Speaking of fun things....It's time once again for the Capitol HIll Block Party.  We will be rocking the Cha Cha stage Friday night at 9:45. (7/20)  Here's our friend Thanny Bradford describing fun places to visit on Capitol Hill.



  • Farewell!

    I'm leaving beautiful Seattle on Thursday for a 2 week trip to Japan.  I'll be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto.  

    Hopefully this video of us playing Medicine will hold you over until I return.  

    I will be arriving at 9 PM Thursday for a layover in LA, and am down 2 party.  I do have to catch a plane at 9 AM though, so nothing too wild.

    Best wishes to all.



  • Monogamy Party shreds!!

    Y'all should check out their record release party on the 12th at the Black Lodge!

    I'm sure by now everyone who has seen this blog has a copy of True Romance on their hard drives.  If for some reason you're reading this and you don't have it, go to the music page and download it!  

    Big time thanks to John Richards at 90.3 KEXP Seattle for blasting our tunes every day on prime time morning radio.  We were not expecting such kind support.  Thanks a ton!



  • Go Fish!

    Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately.  Preoccupied with other weirdness lately. Eric was really kind last night, and put our record up for free downloads so please tell all your friends.  We also wouldn't mind a small donation so we can pay back the huge debt incurred from making the album.  You can also order a copy of the LP on beautiful blue vinyl.  Huge developments here a  Don't you think Eric makes a good doctor! I do.